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Flexibility To Redeem Your Way

Ready to take control of your points? With My Way Shopping you have the freedom to choose to pay for home improvement, retail, dining or grocery purchases.

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Pay yourself back using My Way Shopping! You can redeem from 3,000 points up to 83,750 points for any qualifying home improvement, retail, dining or grocery purchase of up to $1,000 USD.

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Points Needed to Redeem for My Way Shopping (STATEMENT CREDIT EQUIVALENT IN US DOLLARS)
Values shown are in USD Rates. To see
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Points Redeemed Statement Credit Equivalent
3,000 Points $25 dollars or less Statement Credit
4,500 Points $25.01 - $35 Statement Credit
6,000 Points $35.01 - $50 Statement Credit
8,500 Points $50.01 - $75 Statement Credit
11,000 Points $75.01 - $100 Statement Credit
14,000 Points $100.01 - $130 Statement Credit
17,500 Points $130.01 - $160 Statement Credit
21,000 Points $160.01 - $200 Statement Credit
26,500 Points $200.01 - $250 Statement Credit
30,500 Points $250.01 - $300 Statement Credit
33,750 Points $300.01 - $400 Statement Credit
46,000 Points $400.01 - $500 Statement Credit
83,750 Points $500.01 - $1,000 Statement Credit

How to Redeem


Shop where you want to shop, pay for it using your RBC Rewards™ Visa Platinum Credit Card or RBC Rewards™ Visa Business Platinum Credit Card.


When the charge posts to your RBC Rewards Visa Platinum or RBC Rewards Visa Business Platinum account, redeem your points for the cost of the item by selecting Purchase Transaction on the My Way Shopping statement page or by contacting an RBC Rewards Customer Service Representative.


If redeeming online, you will be asked to confirm the statement credit transaction by clicking the Submit button.


Print the confirmation for your records. Note: It may take up to 7 days for your statement credit to appear on your credit card account.

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